Delaware-Fence Installation

Seeking the best in fence installation regarding the Delaware County PA region ?

Look no further! K and J Fencing is the solution for your Delaware County PA fencing installation task!

K and J Fencing of southern New Jersey, stands out as a leading fence installation business in the marketplace! Alongside the very best in various fence installations for Delaware County PA, K and J also offers different styles of porch railing installation for either homeowners and corporations, large and small. K and J Fencing has also been in operation for well over 2 decades and has been a family run company since it’s inception.

Just remember to contact K and J Fence to go over your upcoming railing or fence installation project. The one main thing that sets apart us over the competitors, is definitely the excellent quality of the fence work, the timeliness of fence completion and the K and J Fencing $100 down policy. When you elect to go with K and J Fencing, we merely require one hundred dollars down to commence the project…..Can’t beat that deal!

As a 3rd generation fence builder, K and J Fence is right here to provide the very best in fence installation solutions. Our office is open Mon to Sat from 9am to 5pm.

Listed here is a quick listing of the different forms of fence which we supply at K and J Fence:


Wood fences have several advantages and disadvantages. They have a tendency to be significantly more affordable when compared with the other types of fence products, much easier to repair but wood fences need much upkeep while also possessing a reduced life-span as compared to various other fencing products.


Vinyl fence products are normally a bit more expensive as compared to their wooden alternatives and also a bit harder to fix if compromised. But vinyl fencing has zero routine maintenance and also has a tendency to last a many years in the right types of conditions.


Composite fence comparable to the many other sorts of fence, is quite expensive but it offers your home with a wood-look whilst also remaining very durable and lasting for a long time. All composite fencing likewise resists warping, tends to be insect and rodent free while supplying you the wood look!


Lightweight aluminum fence, much like vinyl fencing products, is more costly than wooden fences but additionally provides a long life-span to go with basically no servicing.


Steel/Iron fencing products are generally quite high-priced depending upon the style nevertheless they tend to last a stretch of time.

Chain Link Fencing:

Need more protection for your business or home? In that case a chain link fence would be the way to go! Typically useful for protection nowadays, but many homeowners opt for chain link fencing for other purposes.


Cement fence is having a big return lately as it becomes more trendy. Concrete is quite costly but a cement fence is going to be around for a great time period, if constructed properly.

That is just a sampling of the numerous different types of fencing installation provided by K and J Fencing of southern New Jersey. Be sure you contact us via phone or email to go over what is needed to commence your Delaware County PA fence installation project. Keep in mind, we don’t sub out our projects as numerous other companies do! All work is carried out by our qualified team of expert fence installation workers!

Delaware County PA, located outside Philadelphia Pennsylvania, is a county filled with many great communities. The premier fence installation company in Delaware County PA…..K and J Fencing!!


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